Cures For Sciatica – 5 Little-Known Natural Food Supplements That Work Like a Charm!

Cures for sciatica are commonly touted in almost every nook and cranny (or corner) of the internet, but how many of these “touters” really know what they are talking about?

I am not here to blow any trumpets, but the fact is this; there are many cures for sciatica out there but knowing which is right for you is the issue. While your body type may react well to over the counter medication, Sarah’s body type may be more inclined to go with stretching and strengthening exercises.

The good news is that whether you are more into over the counter medication or more into Sarah’s physical therapy techniques, natural food supplements are cures for sciatica that work like a charm (just as the title says eh?).

Allow me to add another swift fact here before we proceed; if you can adhere to a balanced diet and constant vitamins and food supplements, you won’t need to endure so much pain daily while having to forgo everyday activities like swimming, gardening, walking to the grocery store and so on.

You may wonder why this article is about natural food supplements. Well the reason is quite simple; it is so because pharmaceutical options are expensive (try surgery or consulting with a neurosurgeon who is not your brother in-law) and yet not guaranteed to work, while natural food supplements are safe and very easy to incorporate into your current lifestyle. Let’s get on with it shall we?

Cures For Sciatica That Are Available In The Form Of Food Supplements

#1. Chamomilla…

Food Supplement: Chamomilla. When To Use: When your muscles feel numb and you are experiencing horrible pain, you should add this to your daily diet.

#2. Belladonna…

Supplement: Belladonna. When To Use: If your sciatic nerve pain increases at night. You might want to particularly take Belladonna with your dinner daily.

#3. Eupatorium…

Food Supplement: Eupatorium. When To Use: When you feel your sciatica on the left side of your body in the form of a shooting pain.

#4. Hypercium…

Supplement: Hypercium. When To Use: When the cause of your condition is due to an injury and the ensuing pain is hard to describe and excruciating add Hypercium to your daily meal.

#5. Ammonium Mur…

Food Supplement: Ammonium Mur. Usage: When your muscles are tense and you limp when you walk but the pain is relieved when you lie down then you should try incorporating Ammonium Mur into your diet.

FACT: Most conventional treatments for sciatica only work as a temporary band aid solution; they all fail to work in the long run!