Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms of Lyme Disease!

Living in the rural areas where there is tall grass and bushes everywhere, lies a creature that can make you very ill from its bite. There are many different species of ticks, but only few are able to infect us with a deadly virus. “Ticks are arthropods, like spiders. There are more than 800 species of ticks throughout the world.” It’s true to say that they are uncontrollable and can attach to anyone of any age. Unfortunately, there is barely much you can do about the number of them in your yards and surrounding woodlands. They can travel with many different animals like; dogs, cats, cattle, raccoons, rabbits and humans. They are attracted to warm, dark spots of the body barely visible with the human eye, making them even harder to spot. I think all could agree a bug clinging to your skin without your knowledge is rather creepy and scary. I’m sure we all remember one time or another child or adult, discovering one stuck on us.“Ticks are the leading carriers (vectors) of diseases to humans in the United States, second only to mosquitoes worldwide.” That is a staggering comparison statement considering West Nile Virus is at fault to so many lost lives through the years. Along with other life threatening illnesses mosquitos’ carry pose a high threat as well. In schools nationwide, health classes teach children proper behavior to prevent Deer Tick bites. There are known precautions that can be made to prevent them from biting such as; long sleeves, jeans, boots, long socks and checking yourselves, along with children, on a basis after being in the garden, lawn or anywhere they could possibly dwell. Promptly remove the tick with tweezers, making sure to remove all the legs from the skin, wrap it in foil, bring to your doctor to have it cleared as a tick with Lyme disease or not. Deer tick bites left untreated show a red, target like ring around the surface area of the bite, resulting in ” Lyme Disease” or “Lyme Borreliosis.” This is a serious matter, resulting in so much pain that you may end up in a wheel chair or even bed stricken for days at a time. It takes away the enjoyable aspects of life and can make you’re everyday routine miserable. We all know suffering from intense pain is no laughing matter, and being nauseous constantly is a burden within it’s self. This is what this disease places in you’re body, sucking precious time from your life, you’re mind as well.

Many doctors treat this disease with a regiment of antibiotics. This is the efficient way to cure this disease. Although antibiotics can upset you’re stomach, affecting appetite severely. Which can result in weight loss as the disease progress. Headaches come and go and can include wretched migraines. They can be so unforgiving and punishable taking a toll on you every single time. Regular sleeping patterns will be constantly interrupted causing chronic fatigue and disrupting ones circadian rhythm. Brutal sharp pains running all the way up your temples causing pain in your forehead and eyes. Stiffness down your neck, back, legs and joints can make you feel helpless, tired and irritable. Lyme disease can come and go, but for some it wont let up. In most severe cases, this is classified as ” Chronic Lyme Disease” with people suffering constantly, not in spurts. Many people with Lyme disease may not think cannabis could be one of the more affective long-term medicines to help alleviate symptoms. Cannabis is a safer, more soothing medication that can eliminate pain in all forms. Medically, cannabis can be used for many reasons. It fights the aches in your joints and pain throughout your whole body. The more potent the strain brings on the more potent medication. This could be the answer to questions about cannabis being an alternative medicine with the people suffering from “Lyme Disease” who are looking for other, more natural methods of healing. Cannabis can provide the energy needed to make it through the rough days when your symptoms are high. During the evening it can make lying down and falling asleep a delightful occasion, instead of a frustrating restless one. After a great night sleep, you could wake up feeling refreshed instead of sore and tired. In the morning cannabis is an incredible way to help loosen your joints and stiffness from previous nights tossing and turning. The unfortunate early sunrises when you woke up sick and tired could truly be a thing of the past. Ingesting cannabis will make your appetite stronger, bringing some much needed nutrition. Walking instead of limping, around the house brings back pleasant mornings. Also for the non-smokers you could have a tasty, potent and original edible medication of your choice.

Ask you’re doctor or physician about medical cannabis on what opinions they have. This could be a breaking point in you’re life, helping to dissipate most symptoms of Lyme disease. If all other methods of alleviating pain become hopeless cannabis could officially help you. Like a general, Lyme disease truly shows no mercy and no surrender; its time to show it whose going to be the last one standing. See additional articles in The Cannabis Times.

Top 10 Tips and Advice for Easing Pregnancy for Scoliosis Sufferers

Back pain during pregnancy is not a new concept, but for people who suffer from scoliosis require a second thought to be given before, they plan to go through the process of pregnancy. Scoliosis is the disease of the spine in which the posture of the spine is deviated to form S or C shaped curvature, which can turn to be quite painful during pregnancy. However, this is not a reason that why you should postpone your pregnancy, as you can still go through pregnancy by using proper pain management techniques.

Back pain during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon that requires no fear. All the discomforts that you will be facing during pregnancy are because of the pressure that your little one inside your tummy is going to cause. Moreover, if you are a scoliosis patient then the chances of increased back pain is higher than what you would normally expect leaving you with a question of whether the back pain is owing to scoliosis or pregnancy. On the other hand, you will find pregnancy stabilizes scoliosis because of the transition that your body will be going through as a result of the hormonal fluctuations. If only you can follow these top ten tips to manage your back pain during pregnancy, and care should be taken with your scoliosis prescription, which may occasionally cause birth defects.

However, the discussion on back pain management tips will help to alleviate the problem of scoliosis. But before that there are three types of back pain – acute if the back pain does not last longer than three months, recurrent if the back pain occurs repeatedly and chronic back pain, which lasts longer than three months.

The kind of back pain that you will be facing during pregnancy and scoliosis is low back pain, which is found to occur in three different locations. Lumbar pain that may or may not spread down to your legs, sacroiliac pain occurs in the distal and lateral regions of the spine and nocturnal pain are the ones that occurs in the lumbar regions only during night. As mentioned elsewhere, the culprit for the pain could not be abruptly blamed on scoliosis or pregnancy for the possibility could be due to both of them.

1. Practice good posture:

You will find that the center of gravity shifts with the development of your baby and may force you to fall forwards. This could cause a strain on your spine with scoliosis increasing the curvature and the pain. There are some simple things that you can do to help you to alleviate the symptoms of back pain like:

• Stand up straight and tall

• Hold your chest high

• Keep your shoulders relaxed and at the back, do not lean forward.

• Stop locking your knees.

• Sit on a chair that will support your back or use a pillow.

2. Wear the correct clothes and accessories:

What you wear also matters while you are pregnant and is a victim of scoliosis. Some of the clothes that can help you in alleviating the back pain during pregnancy when you are a scoliosis sufferer are the use of maternity pants and supportive waistbands. This is also advisable to wear low-heeled flat shoes to remove the strain that high-heeled shoes can cause on both your spine, back and neck.

3. Lift properly:

Whether you have scoliosis or not you are always asked to lift objects as per the size and weight of the objects in a proper manner to prevent not only back pain, but also to be gentle on your delicate spine. And if you have scoliosis, and on top of that if you are pregnant, see that you lift objects appropriately, for example, lift heavy objects by sitting to the level of the object and then stand up slowly and steadily. If you did ask what to do, I will ask for a second or a third hand too!

4. Sleep properly:

The good thing while you sleep is to have a deep sleep but conscious by developing the habit of sleeping on one side. The doctor will advise you which side to sleep depending on the posture of the baby. This is also advisable to keep your knees bent while you sleep, and place pillows between them (there is no point in giving heed to cultural taboos, just ignore them even if you are hurt), and use another pillow under the abdomen to bear the whole weight and/or use a full length pillow.

5. Try heat or cold or massage therapy:

I will strongly recommend this to anyone suffering from pain for this helped me when I was suffering from severe neck pain. A good hot mat under the area of pain relieves not only the pain but also the fear of catching cold when you use a cold mat. In contrast, the cold massage therapies are also equivalently good and choose the one that works the best for you. Alternatively, you could also ask someone to massage a balm or pain relieving ointments, but only after consult a doctor, for the doctor may suggest a professional massage therapy if required. Listen to your gynecologist and chiropractic, and see that you link both of them.

6. Follow a gentle exercise regime:

These days people become pregnant in their thirties and forties, that they get pregnant pass through their age and are therefore vital that you regularly check with your gynecologist. Besides, if you are suffering from scoliosis, the chances of the back pain becoming severe are higher, despite the established fact that there is no relationship between scoliosis and pregnancy. This is good that you take advice of your gynec to schedule some gentle exercise, which not only helps in making delivery much easier, but might also have a positive effect on your scoliosis condition, alleviating the curvature. Some of the gentle exercises recommended are walking and/or swimming, lower back stretching exercise and other stretching exercises as recommended by the physician.

7. Alternative therapies:

The option of choosing an alternative therapy has to be done only after consulting your chiropractic and gynec. One of the main alternative therapies that have been believed to be of some use in relieving pain is acupuncture therapy. This therapy involves the use of needles to prick at energy points, which in turn somehow happens to activate the natural pain relief system. You will be expecting to be pricked with needles, which will have the pain of a pinprick, and may or may not require several visits to get complete relief from the pain, at least until you deliver the baby to the outside world. Sounds awful, but many who have undergone this therapy recommend and prefer this better than medicines that might have side effects.

8. Yoga:

Prenatal yoga has been described and prescribed by many as one of the best way to tone parts of the body that will be affected by performing yoga. They have found out that the position that is attained during the yoga practice promotes the relaxation of back muscles and relieves the strain of carrying the little one in its bag.

9. Chiropractic care:

The chiropractor could be of immense help, especially if you are already aware of your condition, scoliosis, then this will do good for you to discuss frankly with your physician about your idea of having a baby. This is also best to go to the gynecologist directed by him/her, who will understand the treatment being given and will be helping in giving you a holistic approach to handle the back pain efficiently. While the chiropractor will help in relieving the stress on the nerves, which adds to the already existing woes of scoliosis, and since he knows you before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy, stick on to the same chiropractor.

10. A Balanced Nutrition and a Holistic approach:

Whatever you do there is nothing like being healed naturally by boosting your body’s immune system and recuperative power. This is the procedure that has been described in detail by a chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Lau, who overcame scoliosis following a strict and disciplined diet based on his body metabolic requirements. However, when this comes to pregnancy, he has been using the same holistic approach of combining the western medicine and the traditional treatment methods of scoliosis with simple pregnancy exercises and appropriate food, which you will be able to formulate only by frankly discussing with your doctor.

Now is that you have ten important and best tips that anyone else can give you to relieve your back pain. As you would have noticed all these tips only tell you what you can do and where you can find some relief from your back pain. Try some of the simple tips like heat or cold pad to relieve the back pain initially, and if these does not help you, never ever venture into something new without consulting your doctor.

Absorbing Negative Energy Can Make You Sick

Some of you are born feelers. They tend to feel exactly what the other person is feeling. Even as a child I have experienced that whenever my mom would complain about her headache I would also feel that even I had a headache. Later when I was growing up and would go for picnics from the school and consciously I love going out in nature but every time I was back home with headache, nausea etc and so my dad would refuse me to go next time and I had to really really convince him that I will be fine and please let me go. Then I was engage and I went with my fiance for a movie name Superman which is a great humor movie but I was back with headache.

Then when I learn t all about Intuition and Intuitive Powers I realized that this is a gift yes you read me right it is a gift whereas your mission is to help others when you can feel what they are feeling and so I became a healer and I would easily understand my clients feeling and could heal them easily and effortlessly.

Many of your negative feelings – tension, depression, anxiety etc are actually not yours at all, they are other people’s feelings that you are picking up.

These feelings can be picked up from newspapers, news channel or reality around you. If you realize most of us are unhappy and stressed and I feel strongly that media is the main culprit spreading unhappiness and fear unconsciously and we as a co creator is not able to manifest what God wants us to manifest.

God intends for us is to have a Great life, Excellent health, Wonderful relationship and Abundant life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually but more and more people are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally.

Talking about yesterday, 3rd Oct 2010 Times of India had an article of a woman around age 32 was passing the railway line and a pole fell on her and broke her spine. I don’t read newspaper but my husband saw this article read and showed it to me and I said casually that she must have attracted this in her life due to lack of support n her life as spinal cord refers to support system in your life and I was busy with my daily routine suddenly after my husband had left I started feeling my back hurting me I had a lot of work so I ignored the pain but by evening I just couldn’t move.

I have a damaged back since last 10 years where as I was asked not to sit down or stand for long hours or carry heavy weights. With my own healing I have healed quiet a lot where I can sit comfortably, I am practicing Yoga, going for walks and my training schedule forces me to stand for 6 – 8 hrs without any pain.

With this shooting pain I was analyzing what I have done in excess and there was no physical reality that could have aggravated the pain so I rested for some time, tried healing myself, applied move but no major result.

Today morning also I woke with a terrible pain so when I was meditating and asking my back to show me the cause of my pain suddenly the lady’s news flashed in front of me and I got connected and I realized that I had absorbed her pain in my body so I healed her unconditionally disconnected my etheric cord (cord which connects you to everyone you get connected and at times it drains your energy) I asked archangel Michael to cut away any cord which are draining me and causing me this back problem and with 15 min I was 70 % healed.

So my friends next time you feel irritated or find your self in sudden pain it could be you have absorbed energy from the surrounding.

How to protect your self from the negative or fearful energy around? Envelop your self in white light for general protection and then encompass your self with pink light which would reflect all the negative energy to the sender or the source with double amount of love. Use the angel word Divine Guard or invoke Archangel Michael who is the angel for protection and ask him to protect your self, your loved ones and also your property.

The Magic of Correct Eating

For many Americans, our health seems to be going haywire.

Illness, depression, anxiety, muscle aches, pains and little ouches are wearing us down. Many of us simply do not feel well … and we just do not have the energy to enjoy life fully.

The most shocking thing about these ailments is: They are often caused by what we eat and the high cholesterol that ensues from unhealthy foods.

The good news is we can turn it around and experience vibrant health.

How Do You Create Vibrant Health? Let it flow …

This kind of health does not come in a vitamin, mineral, herb or pill. Exercise alone will not create it. I think we can also safely eliminate modern medicine as a source of “Incredible Health.” They are obviously preoccupied with the creation of new miracle drugs that can be sold to us on an ongoing basis. These methods cannot support the high level of health I am describing here. Drugs, no matter how seemingly miraculous, only produce the illusion of health by altering individual chemical reactions in the body.

I studied hundreds of research abstracts while writing a book about cholesterol. My search results for “high cholesterol” in the National Library of Medicine turned up numerous studies on many of our most serious diseases. These included Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, depression, cancer, osteoporosis, heart attack and stroke to name a few. Elevated cholesterol was a common trait in all of these diseases. There was definitely a pattern here!

Through further study I found that high cholesterol is one of the underlying causes of increased blood viscosity (resistance to flow). The primary job of blood is to deliver oxygen to all the cells of the body. It stands to reason that even slightly decreased blood flow resulting from high cholesterol or other blood components, would reduce oxygen delivery to those cells. Over an extended period of time affected cells would suffer from a decreased ability to function at full capacity.

According to prominent medical literature most of the diseases noted above have “unknown origins.” Yet, in many studies I reviewed, researchers have postulated that long term tissue hypoxia in the brain might be responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Other studies have also noted the origins of cancer and arthritis to be “oxygen deprived” and “acidic and inhospitable tissue environments.”

The most exciting thing about this revelation is that it puts the answer to so many serious diseases squarely within our control! In my opinion the vast majority of chronic diseases plaguing developed nations today, are directly related to the long-term results of increased blood viscosity. The powerful answer is on our dinner plate.

The Solution to So Many Problems is in What We Eat:

We have all read news stories describing the “protective benefits” of one kind of food or another. Tomatoes have lycopene, a key to fighting heart disease. Carrots have beta carotene, which prevents cancer. Oatmeal reduces cholesterol. Most of these stories simply represent advertising disguised as news. Individually, no fruit, vegetable or other healthy food will solve your health problems. However, these stories hint at the real answer to all our health concerns.

Numerous studies demonstrate the extraordinary health benefits provided by a diet of primarily fruits and vegetables. For instance, it has been proved that a plant based diet can lower cholesterol just as quickly as many prescription drugs. The real benefit is that it does so without the damaging side effects that often accompany drug treatments. Lowering cholesterol is a key step in eliminating the risk of many of the debilitating diseases listed above.

A plant-based diet is rich in many important health-building nutrients like Vitamin C, Folate, Fiber, and Beta Carotene, to name a few. Individually these nutrients do nothing to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. (This explains why vitamin supplements do not lower cholesterol.) But, eaten together in their natural state, these foods become a powerful, almost magical health-building complex with no equal in medicine.

Why is a plant-based diet so very beneficial to our overall health? The simple answer is that these foods represent our natural diet. These are the foods we are designed to thrive upon!

Eating a plant based diet, while significantly decreasing the amount of processed and animal based foods can improve our circulation within days (read more about this at []). It does so naturally by thinning and lubricating the blood, facilitating dramatically more efficient delivery of oxygen to all the cells of the body. It’s not possible to overemphasize the value of a diet composed of 90% fruits, nuts, vegetables, and limited grains and fish. If you are looking for truly astonishing improvement in your health, this is it.

Looking Forward to Vibrant Health:

If you are one of those people who is suffering from the modern malady or is coming close to it … ask yourself. Would you like to enjoy incredible health? Not just the absence of disease, but:

· Vibrant energy, the kind that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning, full of enthusiasm for the new day. Really!

· Unbounded optimism, with the ability to automatically look past routine doom and gloom to the positive in any situation.

· Mental sharpness, setting you apart from the overwhelming numbers of people who “sleep-walk” through life.

· Physical stamina, not necessarily that of an athlete, but that which allows you to be as productive at midnight as you are in the morning and all points between.

· Unwavering self-confidence emanating from deep within, shining brightly as a beacon for others to follow.

· The knowledge that health is fully within our control and that our daily decisions determine the level of health we experience.

You might be feeling so imbalanced that you have forgotten what it is like to just feel good. It may be challenging to change your diet … radical for some. But just imagine what it will feel like in the morning to awake refreshed, pain free, and excited about the day ahead! And to know you have many days of more joyful living ahead of you because of improved health.

Non-Surgical Decompression Options For Spinal Stenosis and Pinched Nerves

What is spinal decompression therapy and how can it help you?

Perhaps before we discuss spinal decompression therapy we should take a brief moment to talk about who might benefit from this treatment and why. As the name implies spinal decompression therapy is a treatment for spinal problems that are associated with pressure or compression. There are a number of different spinal ailments that are the result of compression of the nerves exiting the spine. The most common are slipped discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica and pinched nerves.

While the exact mechanisms of these various conditions are different they all ultimately involve pressure on or compression of the spinal nerve roots. There are surgical techniques of spinal decompression, but this article will focus on non-surgical methods available to decompress the spine. Many times these non-surgical techniques can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery. Several studies suggest that the techniques that we are about to be discuss may reduce the need for back surgery from 47 to 60 percent. So in theory more widespread use of non-surgical spinal decompression strategies could effectively eliminate the need for about one in every two spine surgery procedures. That is really great news for folks suffering from pinched spinal nerves regardless of the cause of the compression.

So how does it all work? The basic concept is really quite simple. A nerve exiting the spine gets compressed by a bad disc, spinal stenosis of spondylosis, a fancy name for spinal arthritis. Pressure on the nerve causes it to become inflamed and chemical changes occur in the nerve which makes it hyper-excitable. The result is pain, lots of it and also numbness and even weakness in the muscle of the lower back, hip and leg. Depending on the nature of the nerve compression and the amount of chemical changes that occur in each patient’s compressed nerve, the signs and symptoms will vary from patient-to-patient. The important thing to remember is that the first job is to decompress the nerve. Then the inflammation and chemical changes need to be addressed for the body to heal properly.

Step one: Take the pressure off the spinal nerve to stop ongoing nerve damage. There are a number of ways to take the pressure off a pinched nerve. The general term for this is called spinal decompression; in truth we should really call it spinal nerve decompression therapy. Because it is more accurate to say we decompress the spinal nerve than to state we decompress the spine. So how do we decompress the spinal nerves? The answer is straight forward. Apply traction. Spinal traction has been used to treat back pain from nerve compression for thousands of years.

The most important question is how to most efficiently apply traction to the spine to effectively decompress the spinal nerves? There are a number of ways.

You probably can remember seeing pictures of patients strung up in harnesses with pulleys and weights. This old style of traction has been dismissed as ineffective, probably because it was inefficient in truly separating the vertebrae and causing decompression of the spinal nerve roots.

Then there are some home-based methods of spinal decompression. The two most popular ones are inversion machines that turn you upside down and cause gravity to distract the spine rather than compress it and the large exercise balls that can be used to elongate the spine through exercise. Both have pros and cons and for our discussion these should be relegated to follow-up home use after a course of true medical spinal decompression therapy.

That leaves two competing professional technologies to provide spinal decompression therapy in a medical setting. One therapy is called Spinal Decompression Therapy. It consists of a traction-like table and uses computerized sensors to monitor muscle contraction. This is important because when you start to administer traction to the spine a reflex occurs in the back muscles that resists the decompressive force. This is called the muscle stretch reflex. So this monitoring of the muscle stretch reflex is important to provide effective force to decompress the spine and pinched nerves. The Spinal Decompression Equipment times the traction with the relaxation of the muscles. Without considering this reflex muscle contraction the force used to decompress the spine will only be placing traction on the spinal muscles and not truly decompressing the pinched nerve.

In fact some scientists believe that old school traction failed to produce excellent results because they could not overcome the reflex muscle contraction hat occurs when you stretch the spinal muscles. If this was the case then traditional traction devices were limited to stretching back muscles and did very little to decompress the spine nerves. Modern Spinal Decompression equipment seems to have overcome this obstacle to true spinal nerve decompression.

An alternative to Spinal Decompression Treatment Tables is a technique called Flexion-Distraction Therapy. Flexion Distraction Therapy is unique because it is one of the only forms of decompression that treats the patient while he/she is face down. This is important for a couple of reasons.

We just talked about the muscle stretch reflex in the spinal muscles that makes them contract and resist decompression of the spine. There are many more reflexes associated with muscles. Another important reflex is called the agonist-antagonist reflex. Simply put, this is a reflex that causes the back muscle to relax when the stomach muscles are shortened. This reflex may be one of the reasons why Flexion Distraction Therapy can have profound effects on pinched spinal nerves.

While the patient is face down on the table, the Flexion Distraction Table flexes slightly. This has the effect of shortening the stomach muscles and causing a reflex relaxation of the back muscles. By slightly flexing the spine before applying the traction, the Flexion Distraction Therapy abolishes or greatly reduces the muscle stretch reflex in the back muscles. So once the spine is slightly flexed, resistance to traction of the back muscles is minimized and the spinal nerves can be effectively decompressed. Another advantage of Flexion Distraction Therapy is that the flexion movement of the table mechanically opens up the canal where most spinal nerve compression occurs.

So the properties of Flexion Distraction Therapy that make is ideal for spinal decompression is that by the nature of the procedure, back muscle relaxation and resistance to distraction are eliminated and the area of maximum nerve compression is mechanically enlarged all of which adds to effectiveness of spinal nerve root decompression.

Both Spinal Decompression technology and Flexion Distraction Technology for the non-surgical decompression of spinal nerve roots can be highly effective in reducing the pain and other symptoms associated with spinal nerve root compression. They are usually administered with additional therapies which are designed to reduce nerve inflammation and restore proper nerve chemistry. Either are worth looking into before considering surgery to decompress pinched spinal nerves.

Research supports the effectiveness of both of these competing techniques for the non-surgical decompression of spinal nerve roots.